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Tickles My Fancy

Here is an ever growing list of places and things I like to follow. Enjoy.

Maria Konnikova

Steve E Gordon – Artist

Wayne Miller – Artist

Matthew Ferguson – Artist

Kermode + Mayo

Doctor Who

Marvel Comics 

David Mitchell Observer & Soap Box


Ray Willcokson

Well-Read Sherlockian 

BSI Archival History

MX Publishing is one of the largest Holmes publisher and they hold an arsenal of astounding Sherlock Holmes books. Check out their blogs here: MX Publishing: Tumblr  MX Publishing: WordPress

Get to know some of the many MX Authors:

Gerry Kelly Alistair Duncan Kieran McMullen Molly Carr Felicia Carperelli Fiona-Jane Brown Tracy Revels Dean Turnbloom David Ruffle Joe Riggs Amy Thomas  Steampunk Holmes  Hannah Rogers: The Art of Deduction

For reviews and other Sherlock Holmes related spots check out:

No Place Like Holmes  + Sherlock Holmes Books Video Reviews + Sherlockology + Baker Street Babes


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