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Sherlock Holmes & The Horror of Frankenstein is available in paperback and ebook from all good book stores including USA barnes and noble, Amazon, & itunes. In the UK Waterstones, Amazon UK, & itunes UK. For fans outside the US/UK you can get free delivery from The Book Depository. (Oct 13 2013)

London, 1888. Bodies are being removed from their graves and no one knows who is behind it or why. When a man is found murdered at the scene of the most recent grave robbery Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are brought in to shed much needed light upon this grim scene. Join the great detective and his trusted colleague as they venture down the rabbit hole where what they uncover can only be seen to be believed.






Studies in legacy coverSherlock Holmes: Studies In Legacy is available in paperback and ebook from all good book stores including USA barnes and noble, Amazon, & itunes. In the UK Waterstones, Amazon UK, & itunes UK. For fans outside the US/UK you can get free delivery from The Book Depository. (Released May 15 2013)

“There is nothing more tragic than a story left untold. At least that is what Sherlock Holmes thought. Through his urgings Doctor Watson opens his tin dispatch box to recall a series of strange and grotesque events which consumed their daily lives in the early months of 1899. Follow Holmes and Watson as they tackle an unusual case of hysteria, race through fires in Whitechapel, find mystery and murder in a seaside village, and discover what strange game is afoot when an assault in the confines of 221b sends Holmes and Watson racing against time towards a deadly and toxic end! One thing is certain, sometimes the most deadly villain is their legacy.” The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Volume 2.

Amazon Review: “Most of the six pastiches in this book contain mature themes — nothing graphic, but rather adult nevertheless…These are respectful pastiches.”




The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is available in paperback and ebook from all good bookstores including in the USA Barnes and NobleAmazon & Itunes. In the UK AmazonWaterstonesItunes UK. For fans outside US and UK can get free delivery from Book Depository. Alternatively you can order straight from MX Publishing!

In the Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doctor Watson recalls seven adventures that he accompanied his friend Mr Sherlock Holmes on. In this book Holmes and Watson  are caught in the middle of Government Scandals, Cold Blooded Murders, Threats From Beyond Our Realm, and in a story that works through over a decade of Holmes’s cases we learn a little bit more about the mystery that surrounds Watson’s wife, Mary and what became of her sudden disappearance from Watson’s life..

Amazon.com Reviewer: “This is a really good attempt to recreate the voice and magic of the original Sherlock Holmes stories. The plots of each short story are the true strength of this book and contain some very clever and imaginative ideas…”

Amazon.co.uk Reviewer: “A collection of well-plotted short stories with sharp characterisations and an authentic atmosphere.”

Amazon.com Reviewer: “Kuhns shows great promise as a writer of the Sherlock Holmes genre

Barnes and Noble Reviewer: “…Untold Adventures” is Luke Kuhns’ first publication, and definitely not his last. Knowing his skills in storytelling, it is indubitably a set of adventures that will keep one’s mind working (as Sherlock himself would be proud of). Kuhns’ attention to the flow of each tale makes it an enjoyable read and every story memorable. Told in retrospect, and from Watson’s point of view, it is nothing short of Sherlock in his most uncompromising.”


Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle – A Graphic Novel. Available in paperback and ebook from all good book stores in US & UK and on Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk and The Book Depository ! Alternatively you can order straight from MX Publishing!

A young woman named Deseray Underwood has been found dead, in her London lodgings, by her fiance Samuel Mortimer. The body itself shows no signs of a struggle. Lestrade, baffled by the cause of death, summons the aid of Sherlock Holmes and his great powers of deduction. Holmes stumbles upon one single clue, a crystal blue bottle, which sends him and Watson on a wild chase through the streets of London in pursuit of answers to this young woman’s sudden demise. A death that would make any benefactor very wealthy.

Featuring 11 outstanding illustrators from across the globe, the story comes to life through the efforts of Rebecca Burns, Marcie Klinger, and Sarah Ruprecht & Dan Albers. Along with contributions from high profile illustrators Steven E. Gordon (The Great Mouse Detective, X-Men Evolution, Ultimate Avengers), Matthew Ferguson (Marvel’s The Avengers, Star Wars & Chronicle) & Wayne Miller (Sherlock Holmes Revenant illustrator). This is the Sherlock Holmes comic book event of 2012. 


Fragile Words: A Collection of Verses and Short Stories Available in both ebook and paperback! Go to amazon.com & amazon.co.uk for ebooks! If you are old fashioned and wish to have a physical copy go to lulu.com!

Fragile Words is a collection 29 verses and short stories written by author, Luke Benjamen Kuhns. Know for his two previous works: The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle, Luke steps outside the world of Sherlock Holmes and presents these 29 original pieces that delve into friendship and love, pain and loss, and humour and horror. Each and every tale presented holds a special place for Luke and he is thrilled to release his “Fragile Words” to you.

Fragile Words…I find his words are that, yes, but so much more. They’re alternately English on steroids, then as delicate as a poetic petal.” – Amazon.com Review





Midy lives in the most boring rural area of America. Her days are filled with dreams of wanting more and finding that one true love! One fateful evening she meets an alluring figure in the woods and her dreams, and possible her nightmares, come true when she learns who and what her new lover IS! Passions are roused, love is tested, and danger is lurking in the shadows as Midy fights to be with her new found love! Luchrupan is widely romantic and unbelievably suspenseful! This is the love story we all WISH FOR!

Another sick book by Luke. . .Plenty of humour and really good story writing, go buy it!” – Amazon.co.uk Review

Physical copies found at lulu.com. Ebooks found on, Barnes & Noble, itunesamazon.comamazon.co.uk, & smashwords!





More from Luke can found here in Sherlock’s Home: The Empty House. A book by Holmes authors, fans, and supporters. Proceeds go to raise awareness for The Undershaw Preservation Trust to #saveundershaw, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Available through Sherlockology & MX Publishing.


art of deduction The Art of Deduction.  A Book of Art, Short Stories, and Poems based on the great detective.


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