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Sherlock Series 3 & Elementary Season 2

The world of Sherlock Holmes is quite abuzz at the moment. Lots of interesting pieces of news coming out. With the CBS series Elementary speeding towards its first season finale, after what will be a staggering 24 episode run (according to IMBD), it has been renewed for a 2nd season. This will make fans of the show happy and those who do not like this modern take roll their eyes. The first season of Elementary hasn’t offered anything groundbreaking to the mythology of Sherlock Holmes, though Miller does a decent job in the role when he/Joan are not babbling on about rehab or sleeping with prostitutes. Lucy Liu however is still as plan as ever. Perhaps a 2 second season will let the show iron out its issues.elementary

On the other side of the Atlantic a whole other group of Sherlock Holmes fans are flocking to twitter/facebook/Tumblr/whatever else these kids use now-a-days to share their excitement for the return of BBC Sherlock. Currently filming its 3rd series fans are intrigued by the casting of Amanda Abbington, who was recently been seen in the ITV hit Mr Selfridges and is also Martin Freeman’s ‘life partner’, in an unknown role. Photos and  videos of filming locations have splashed down with plenty of speculation as to who Abbington is playing. But it’ll be a little bit more fun to find out who she is when the episode airs. Like all things I’m sure it will leak on the internet soon enough.

sherlock series 3 filming

So with Elementary being renewed for a second season and Sherlock filming its 3rd series there will be lots more Sherlock Holmes things for fans to look forward to between 2013 – 2014.

What do you think of the news?

Are you happy about Elementary’s renewal?

Who do you think Amanda Abbington is playing in series 3 of Sherlock?


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One response

  1. Elementary did not register much to provoke any kind of reaction.

    I think Amanda will be playing Mary Morstan. Unless, Gatiss and Moffat want to play with our expectations and spring a surprise…


    April 28, 2013 at 3:41 am

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