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Rant. 004 – Deadpool


DEADPOOL!! FINALLY! So, the internet is abuzz with the ‘greatest bestest most wonderfulest news everrrr': They are making a DEADPOOL FILMMMM OMG!

Yes, the Merc with a  mouth is going to hit the big screens and the internet is loving it. And even better news, Ryan Reynolds is still the lead!! Wait, what? And people are still excited about this? Hold on, has everyone on the planet taken stupid pills or something? I mean I feel like I woke up in a different universe. Am I the only one who remembers how terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine was? Let’s rewind the clocks back to 2009. Ryan Reynolds stared as Wade Wilson in Fox’s one and only (important to remember) X-Men solo film. Wade was, well, he was a pile a crap. A few witty remarks, a couple of twirls, then poof! Gone.


I mean, it wasn’t even Reynolds as ‘Weapon XI a.k.a Deadpool. Not only was Reynolds NOT the finished product, but the finished product wasn’t even proper Deadpool. When Deadpool comes back he’s a mixture of Wolverine/Cyclopes/John Wraith who is controlled by a few taps on the computer with basic commands like: ENGAGE. Sure, like he’s going to know exactly what to do. My point is, not only did X-Men Origins suck and smelled like wet dog hair, but Ryan Reynolds did not bring anything special to the character of Wade Wilson, nor was he even Deadpool at the end. His Deadpool was a forgettable character.

Of course this wasn’t Reynolds last crack at a superhero. He soon came back to dazzle and bemuse us as the CGI’d costumed defender of the Galaxy, the Green Lantern. Yet again this film was a forgetting pile of excretion. Bottom line, when has Reynolds ever made an audience believe in his characters? So far, never.


Sure, there was the leaked Deadpool test footage, but what was special about that? There was nothing in that test footage that we haven’t seen before. It just felt like watching The Amazing Spider-Man. I have no idea why anyone would be excited about this film, especially if Reynolds retains the title role. And no matter how hard they try and separate this film from X-MEN Origins: Wolverine, that is all that will be seen. Even if this ‘Deadpool’ isn’t that one. Of course if it’s not the same Deadpool then Fox is making the X-Men universe a bit more mirky, unless we all continue to believe that terrible Origin film is outside the other films continuity. Still, I stray from the point. The test footage wasn’t promising, the choice of Reynolds as the lead isn’t promising, this film just isn’t promising. But that’s fandom. Dedicated to the very end, even when it’s total crap.

Test Footage:

Guide Note 016: Public Transport – Trains


A thrilling new instalment of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the UK! Guide Note 016 – Public Transportation: Trains.

Originally posted on hg2uk:


You will notice that the most popular form of transportation, or at least one of the top three, the others being Double Decker Buses and small curved cars, is trains. These ‘trains’ are like giant metal centipedes that burrow in and out of the ground. The significant difference between a real centipede and these trains is that people, or ‘commuters’ as they are commonly known as, prefer to pile inside them in order to get from destination A to destination B – Zed.

Like jungles filled with wild beasts that one, if not careful, can anger quickly and loose ones life by is true of these train stations. The commuters who use these trains are, in a way, herded in and out like a form of cattle into the metal centipedes. Their tempers are on a short fuse which often result in physical outbreaks in the herding process. Guide Note:…

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Doctor Who: Listen Review


Moffat is back in writer’s chair. It’s not a grand opening or series finale or special. It is just your ordinary, average episode that wouldn’t normally be written by Moffat. How did he do?

Well, we finally get an episode that isn’t about a crashed spaceship with robotic aliens disguised to fit in with the areas settings while they try and find a way home! Well done episode four! We get a story about fear and turning it into a superpower. We get a story about a scared little boy, a marooned time traveller, and a peek into the Doctor’s childhood. 

There is a lot going on in this episode and most of it revolves around hints. Maybe it should have been called Hints rather than Listen. Unless you are meant to Listen to the hints. The episode is almost a spoiler for the rest of the series, or the rest of Clara’s time. We now know that Danny and Clara are going to get together, have kids, and their great grand kid, Orson, will be one of the first time travellers. Of course this is only one angle. Danny and Clara might not have kids at all but Danny’s time with the Doctor might encourage his decedents to time travel. However, that would be ignoring Orson giving Clara the ‘family heirloom’ , the toy solider Rupert named ‘Dan The Solider Man’, at the end, which she then gives to the Doctor as a child. Still, time travel can create paradoxes so we’ll see what happens, but certainly that is where things are pointing for Clara and Danny.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.47.54 

I’ve probably said this in every review, but series 8 is a lot more fun than previous. Don’t get me wrong series 6 and 7 had a few standouts but wildly failed to deliver. Capaldi is great. He shines in every scene. His moment with young Rupert was a great scene. It’s important to remember that Doctor Who is a kids show and it’s good to see the Doctor interacting with kids and giving empowering speeches. The whole turning fear into a superpower was heartwarming and fun. Moffat does do well to create creepiness. He nailed in Blink and this episode does well to follow. This is one of the scarier episodes. The story does well to frighten without ever truly seeing a monster. The series hasn’t become to burdened with a story arch, but what we do know has been interesting. The mysterious Promise Land and Missy character and this new twist with Clara and Danny. It’s all gentle enough to pique the interest but not detract from the episodes at hand.


I still don’t have anything nice to say about Clara. I think she’s a more solid character this series but her overall character was ruined for me with her whole overly important to the Doctor storyline plus I still find her incredibly arrogant and annoying. I don’t buy it when she tells that Doctor what to do and treats him like a child, or snaps him. It just doesn’t work and pulls me out of the story every time she does it. Some people have expressed their dislike when the Doctor pokes at Clara, but I love it. Let’s have more of that please.

I have two issues with the episode though. “of course you do,” you say! One is Clara’s shoes. Yes, Clara’s damn shoes. How can she be running about on all these adventures in unrealistic heels?! The show isn’t a fashion show, but has become more and more about clothing than it should have done. I don’t want to be distracted by what someone is wearing, I want to see a good story. Second, the monster. Is it real or isn’t it?! I mean, I don’t know about you, but I am sure I saw something sitting on the bed and then standing behind the Doctor, Clara, and Rupert. Sure when it removed the sheet it looked like Doby but still, there was something.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.56.13

So why does Clara think there is no monster? Sure, Clara grabbed the Doctor’s ankle and started his whole ‘scary dream’ of something being under the bed but that doesn’t explain why every person in history has the dream. That doesn’t explain the beating on the ship, or the monster under the cover. I get it, the Doctor is afraid of the dark but there still a huge Moffat shaped hole that needs filling! But I suppose the story is about being okay with being afraid whether it is real or not, so maybe I solved my own issue here. Still, SHOES!

Overall, Listen was one of Moffat’s better episodes. Is it possible that he does better when he’s not doing the big openers and endings? Does he have more fun with these ‘smaller’ ‘less important’ episodes? It seems like it to me. But it wouldn’t be a Moffat episode without a few confusing bits, i.e. how did Clara travel to Galifray if it’s time-locked and trapped in another dimension. And of course the borderline anticlimax with the monster and its ambiguous state of existence.

A few questions remain that I’d like you to take a crack at:   

Question: How can Clara telepathically or not travel to Galifray. I feel if Clara can do this telepathically it shouldn’t be to hard for the Doctor to do it which puts the whole time-lock/time-war/trapped in another dimension stuff back into question. Why does any of that have to happen at all?

Question: Is Clara going to die? This is the second episode regarding the length of Clara’s life. The first being Deep Breath. Or is this in reference to her time left on the TARDIS? 

Question: Were those the Doctor’s parents, but more importantly why were they dressed like American farmers from the 1700’s?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the questions above. Comment below and let me know what you thought of Listen. 

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Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood Review


Clara wants to meet the one person she’s admired most – her hero, Robin Hood! While the Doctor disbelieves in his existence, to amuse Clara he takes the TARDIS to Sherwood where low and behold they meet the green archer himself. Perplexed, the Doctor tries to figure out how he can be real. Meanwhile, the Sheriff is summoning the archers for a contest to win a golden arrow. During the contest it’s revealed that his soliders are alien robots. The Sheriff who looks very much like the Master plans to help these robots of Sherwood power their crashed ship with gold and he will use it to conquer the world! 


The theme in this episode is about myths and legends. Is it better to be remember for who you were or is the legend you create stronger and maybe less corruptible? 

I seem to enjoy most Mark Gatiss episodes. While this ones doesn’t disappoint it’s not my most favourite of the series. Obviously there is plenty of room for this opinion to change. I like the humour throughout the episode. I found it funny how annoyed the Doctor got with Robin Hood and his merry men when they kept laughing at every little thing. It does seem to be the case with stories set in this medieval setting, everything is loud and humorous, but why!?! There is a lot of fun with that and some good back and forth between the Doctor and Robin Hood. 


Clara has really stepped into her own this series. While she is by far one of the most boring companions of all time, the way she interacts with this Doctor and the stories has made her much more believable as a character. I wonder if Matt Smith’s final year would have been better had Amy and Rory all ended together giving Clara a fresh start with a fresh Doctor. Of course this is hindsight now. 

Something strange is afoot this series, or maybe this is typical fan speculation; in Deep Breath the Doctor mentions the ship Madam De Pompadour from series 2 in which the villains were clockwork robots. The villains in Deep Breath were clockwork robots too. Deep Breath and Robot of Sherwood are all about a crashed ship and it trying to power itself to leave. Episode three, is, ironically?, the exact same story, but why? I also felt there was a little similarity between the ‘energy converter’ in Fires of Pompii (Peter Capaldi’s first Doctor Who appearance) and the gold matrix in Robot of Sherwood. It all could mean something, could be coincidence, could also be a simple nod or reference, or even a struggle for ideas. 

This is where the episode doesn’t stand up as much as the other two. Why is it the exact same plot as Deep Breath? I can give the series the benefit of the doubt and hope that there will be an explanation, but when has Moffat ever delivered on that front? It was bad enough when The Idiots Lantern was retold in the form of The Bells of Saint John. If such duplications continue can the show continue or should it? If ideas are that thin can older ideas be recycled. I hope to not see another ship crashed to earth and disguised while its inhabitants use whatever material that is nearby to power their ship again this series.


However, what I enjoy about Capaldi is his cynicism. He’s very cut and dry and it’s quickly becoming one of my most favourite traits of his Doctor. I am happy the pacing of the episodes is more like series 1-5 and doesn’t have rushed Screwdriver resolves yet. There is an interesting scene where after the Doctor saves the prisoners from the robots he is kissed on the cheek. His emotional reaction raises some questions. I wonder if this will be explored further and if it ties in to his ‘Am I A Good Man’ story line. Time will tell. Overall Robot of Sherwood was a fun adventure with some cool looking robots, I just wonder why the plot is so much like Deep Breath.

What did you think of Robots of Sherwood? Any theories to the similarities? Comment below

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Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2: Into The Dalek Review


The Doctor finds himself on a  spaceship in which a Dalek needs medical attention! Only way to properly treat the Dalek is to be shrunk and explore it’s innards; so the Doctor pops back to earth to get Clara before they make the journey into darkness. 

Last year we travelled to the centre of the Tardis now we’re going inside the villains and seeing what makes them tick and tock. So what’s it like travelling into a Dalek? Well, through the eye it’s like a 70’s drug trip. Peter Capaldi’s second outing as the 12 (13th?) Doctor is certainly a fun adventure. Phil Lord’s last episode was Waters of Mars, one of David Tennants final episode. Lord is a good storyteller. Yes, I know Moffat has a credit as a writer but it seems the the bulk of the story is more Lord’s influence than Moffat’s.         danny-pink-samuel-anderson-into-the-dalek

In this episode we are introduced to a new series regular, Danny Pink who is a teacher alongside Clara at Coal Hill High. He’s a former solider, he cries when people ask him if he’s killed people, and he fancies dull-as-a-board Clara. Well, we don’t spend much time with Clara and Danny before Clara is pulled into the TARDIS so that she can accompany the Doctor into the Dalek. On the surface he seems like he could be an interesting addition to the cast and I look forward to his return.

As we journey through the Dalek the question that plagues the group is: Can there really be a good Dalek? The Dalek, Rusty, as the Doctor calls him, has had an emotional encounter and believes it knows what beauty is and realises that Daleks are evil. When the Doctor fixes Rusty he turns back into the rampaging monster we know Daleks are. Is that all? What’s the point, what have we learned? After a slap from Clara the Doctor realises there might still be a chance to save the Rusty. Rebooting its memories and psychic liking with the it might do the trick. 

optimized-dw8_ep02_r3_landscape_hiresSome might think we’re a little Dalek’d out. What with Asylem of the Daleks, The Day of the Doctor, and The Time of the Doctor all featuring the rolling tin cans. Apart of me suspects the BBC has warehouses of Daleks and they are trying to get rid of them by exploding them on screen. Let’s be honest, the Daleks just aren’t scary. The idea behind them is scary but they lost their fright factor a long time ago. That said, this was one of the better Dalek episode in recent years mainly because it was more about the soul and not about a lame ‘destroy the world plan’. 

The thrust of the story really isn’t about there being a good Dalek, it’s all about the Doctor being good. To be honest, they could have made up a whole new monster for the Doctor to go inside of and it would have still been a good episode. What was important was that the Doctor didn’t give up hope that even the most wretched creatures in the universe could still have the potential to be good, and his hatred for evil was justified. The Doctor is ‘a good Dalek’. 


Yet again Capaldi nails it. His Doctor is exactly what you want in a Doctor. Brilliant, witty, sharp. We finally see what his Doctor is fully like. He’s not the bumbling mess after regeneration. He is a bad ass. I am glad the flirting has come to an end. Clara feels like she can be a real character now. Still, even with this new opportunity, I still find myself daydreaming about her leaving the TARDIS. The banter between Clara and the Doctor feels a lot better. However, I didn’t buy it when she slapped him. That felt like something she could have done to the 11th Doctor but not 12. He seems like the kind of guy who’d melt you where you stand for such a thing. 

So what did you think? Are you thrilled by the new Doctor? What did you make of his first encounter with the Daleks? Is he a good man?

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Doctor Who Series 8: Deep Breath Review


Let’s all take a deep breath and see if this new, older, Doctor is any good. The long and short of it? Peter Capaldi is great. One episode down and he’s already won me over wholeheartedly. When Smith announced he was leaving the role my first thought was “I hope they cast an older Doctor.” When they cast The Thick of It Star as the Doctor I thought, “He’s great, but he’s been in Doctor Who twice?! Was there no one else?” Of course that wasn’t a worry about his ability to act and be brilliant – part of me didn’t want the familiar face but another part was very excited to see Capaldi fly the T.A.R.D.I.S. 


Death! Murder! Mayhem! are wreaking havoc in Victorian London. A steampunk styled cyborg is murdering people, and Dinosaurs, while the Doctor is pulling himself together after recently regenerating. Clara is having trouble coping with the new Doctor and Vasta and co are there to help along the way. 



We can all take a long sigh of relief after that deep breath. After two questionable series of mismanaged plot lines, poor character arcs, and easy screwdriver resolves we finally get back how a Doctor Who story should be told. Doctor Who was never been about flashy action set pieces but slow burning mysteries. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t action and excitement before, there was! Deep Breath is the first episode to get that right in a very long time. The tone and pace of the narrative isn’t rushed and you have plenty of time to embrace the new Doctor while following familiar faces. 

Capaldi nails the role superbly! He harks back to the first three Doctors quite a bit! He has the ‘old man’ attitude like the first, the ‘quirk’ of the second, and the style resemblance and action mind of the third. He certainly is a darker Doctor. The implied killing of the cyborg has me raising an eyebrow, is this Doctor okay with killing? Don’t think he isn’t without humour, he is quite a funny Doctor still. Where the 11th Doctor was quite childish and bug-eyed Capaldi is much more serious which makes his humour a bit more adult. 


Clara is still one of the dullest companions. Throughout the story she seems to have this hugely narcissistic attitude that she is the most important person in the universe and it does tend to grate on me. (Here’s hopping the rumours of her departure are true!). It still seems they can’t be consistent with her personality. Considering she has “seen all the Doctor’s faces” her reaction to this regeneration is slightly confusing. She doesn’t like him because he’s not the dashing young whippersnapper to steal her away in the night. Well, sorry Clara for someone who knows all the Doctors you should be okay with this new face! If she was having trouble with his personality, that is more understandable, but for her to complain about the way he looks. Many of the Doctors haven’t been spring chickens. She ought to know better. But more importantly is shows us how shallow Clara is a person.

Vastra and Co make their return after nearly dying but not dying in the Name of the Doctor. I admit I haven’t been a fan of these character since their odd introduction into the series. Their importance to the Doctor baffled me and still does. However, in this episode they were more enjoyable. I still feel they are Moffat’s way of promoting his own views on religion and lifestyle which for me get’s a little trying and not what I want from a children’s program. 


I thought it was a nice touch to give Matt Smith’s Doctor a cameo. I don’t recall a Doctor reaching out to his companion after a regeneration. While to some it might look like it’s Smith’s endorsement of this new Doctor, I just found it a fun piece of story telling. I wouldn’t want to see it every time we get a new Doctor but as a rare moment it was fun. 

Another thing that is abundantly clear is that the flirting between Clara and the Doctor completely and utterly dead. I think the relationship between 10 and Donna was why everyone loved them. No romance at all! Just good old adventuring. Capaldi’s Doctor is the adventurer, the mad man in a box, and not spacemen looking for a new girlfriend. The role of the companion will undoubtedly go back to the way they were during the original series; the way they should be. In fact, you can see from Deep Breath that there is a lot of things harking to the original series and for this I am thankful. 

I feel hopeful that series 8 will stir things in a new direction for the revamped series started in 2005. 


What did you think of the Deep Breath and the new Doctor?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Review


There’s no beating around the bush. This film is terrible. The plot bumbles along trying to be fast, witty, and interesting but it just fumbles, is charmless and overrun with plot holes. 

The basic plot is, Shredder and Sacks are working together to create a virus that they can dispense over NYC and then Sacks will swoop in with a cure. Things get shaken up when the Turtles start messing up the foot clan’s plans. Well, April O’Neil is a half-assed reporter who stumbles upon the turtles one day after whining about how her career hasn’t taken off. She tries to tell her boss about these vigilantes but of course she can’t construct a liner sentence and gets booed out the office. After another fateful encounter with the turtles April is led to some video tapes in her closet where she learns that these turtles were her childhood pets (just take a hammer to the skull now!) and that her father was doing experiments on them with a green ooze from outer space.

teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2014-teaser-trailer-still-tcri-oozeWell, when Sacks turned on April’s father he tried to burn the lab and April (for no good reason) was nearby, inside, whatever, she was in the a lab while her father set fire to it and saved the turtles and splinter, releasing them into the sewers. Now, April, being the dumbo that she is tells Sacks how bad her job is and how no one believes her that she met these turtles. Now the hunt is on. Sacks wants the turtles blood (kind of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when Harry wants Peter’s blood) to create a cure to a virus that Shredder wants to unleash. The turtles then have to stop Shredder and Sacks. Hurrah. 

Teenage Mutant Knitting Turtles…I mean Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It’s a good thing Splinter picked up a ninja book in the sewer waste and decided to teach his ‘sons’ that art. Not sure Teenage Mutant Knitting Turtles would have been as successful. 

In case you forget within the first 3minute of the film where the story is taking place they remind you verbally twice that it is New York City let alone a billion establishing shots of the city. Watching Megan Fox is like watching paint dry. All I kept thinking was “if someone pocked her face with a needle all her Botox would explode from her face.” 


I nearly lost it with the 5 minute pizza hut commercial lodged in the film. When Splinter is saying what type of pizza it is, the ingredients, and how good it is; I wanted to punch the screen. Such shameless product placement! 

Geographically this film makes no sense. While it’s sunny and summery in NYC a 19minute drive outside the city and it’s covered in snow? And apparently the turtles know a secret sewer tunnel that leads from this snowy land right back to the heart of NYC as well. You’re just racking your brain to try and make sense of all this jumping nonsense and nothing helps.

Shredder, clearly a tacked on character, is nothing more than a knock off of the Silver Samaria featured in The Wolverine. He’s a big robot with a dude inside. It’s no secret that this film had lots of issues well before it started filming. Leaked Scripts, potential alien plot line, and William Fichtner being Shredder. As it turns out there is a Shredder in the film that isn’t Fichtner! However, Shredder is horribly underdeveloped and felt like a last minute decision. He randomly appears in scenes not long after Fichtner with no explanation as to where he is and we never once hear him utter his evil plan. He is reduced to muscle.

tmnt-shredderThe plot is terribly similar to both Amazing Spider-Man films and The Wolverine. While at the same time the film mimics the 1990’s film. Everything from Splinter being beaten up, the lair being invaded by the foot, Mikey hitting on April, Raph being Mr Longer angry pants, I felt like Bay and co took the original film and injected it with  bunch of stupid sauce, withdrew any emotion and heart and slapped this down for the crowds to gobble up. 

The film has terrible pacing and leaves no time for any kind of character growth. The Turtles are simply basic outlines of what we already know and we don’t really care about them or learn anything as the film ‘progresses’. 

Classic Michael Bay-ism found their way into this film. When Mikey first sees April he says “Guys, I can feel my shell tightening” implying that he is getting a massive erection while looking at April O’Neil. Yes, this children’s film produced by Nickleodeon makes a very crass erection joke. Don’t worry though, that is followed up later by April hanging out a truck window while her colleague stares at her ass saying how good it looks. Again, Nickleodeon! 

I am quite tired of these reboot/remakes being so generic and bland. There is no passion for story or narrative. This film is about lazy jokes and fast action sequences. The original films, even in their lamest moments still had heart. You cared about the characters and felt like you knew them. The film hits another low when the Sacks says, “Drain all of their blood, even if it kills them.” I mean, really?! Last time I checked if all your blood is drained you’re gonna die! Something else that is quite lazy is the ‘interconnectedness’. When we learn that the turtles and Splinter were April’s childhood pets I wanted to explode. Why does this have to happen? The Amazing Spider-Man suffered from this as well. What happened to happy accidents that turn or empower people into being heroes?! Not everything needs to be so linked. It doesn’t feel as natural or fun. Despite my great distaste for this film a sequel is apparently already coming in 2016. What a joke. 


What did you think of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Comment below

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